Today on the blog Peter Dennis provides an exclusive sneak peek at some images from the upcoming tank museum in Jordan's capital, Amman. 

We’ve been staying in Jordan for a couple of weeks, basking in the extraordinary hospitality of our  friends in Amman. It turns out that they are friends with Raja Gargour the director of, amongst other things, the tank museum nearing completion in the outskirts of that bustling city, about 40 minutes from the country’s main airport. We were fortunate enough to be invited to tour the building, already well stocked with delicious armoured vehicles, with many more to come before the 2018 opening.

Raja explained that the Jordanian history of AFV use would be well covered, but the museum’s scope is broad. They are telling the story from the armoured cavalryman to the most up to date vehicles and along the way they are building a full size Leonardo da Vinci ‘tank’ too! The building looks like an enormous stealth bomber, which is appropriate since it will also feature relevant aircraft and it is vast. They are proposing to have a tank driving field out back- Fridays only, Raja tells me.

The Tank Museum will be another great centre of attraction in this exciting country, and if you come here for the archaeology, Petra, Wadi Rum and bobbing about in the Dead Sea, you will not want to miss it.

Ammam Tank Museum exterior

Jordan tank museum

Tank Museum entrance

Tanks inside the Amman Tank Museum