The first time we played The Lost Expedition in the office, we were accompanied by a chorus of colleagues humming the main theme from Indiana Jones. Even without the full orchestral backing that John Williams had at his disposal, it certainly added to the sense of adventure. Each decision we made carried extra weight, perhaps because we were worried we would be letting Indy down if we messed up, lost all our food and ammunition and doomed our group to certain death.

With that in mind, we've put together a cinematic playlist that will add to the ambience of the Amazon rainforest and the excitement of your expedition. Let us know what you think, and whether you feel there are other tracks that deserve to be on the list!


Track list:

Indiana Jones Theme - John Williams

A New Course - Christopher Tin

El Condor Pasa - Inca, the Peruvian Ensemble

The Journey Commences - Dino Soldo, the Moscow Symphony Orchestra

King Kong: Stolen Love - The Cave - Max Steiner

Giant Chameleon / The Fight – Bernard Herrmann

Ojos Azules - Inca, the Peruvian Ensemble

Two New Alphas - John Powell, Gavin Greenaway

The Lost City of Chimpanzee - Michael Giacchino, Tim Simonec

The Spirit of Adventure - Michael Giacchino