Many of you have already been enjoying Cryptid, our new deduction game that pits 3-5 cryptozoologists against one another as they attempt to find the habitat of an elusive unknown creature. We've loved seeing all of the pictures of your games in progress and hearing the tales of your masterful powers of deduction, but we've also heard a few of you asking about the fabled '2-player rules'.

Well, we are delighted to provide you with this free pdf of the 2-player rules, letting you and your opponent go head-to-head and put your skills to the test. We can't wait to hear how you get on with this new rules variant!

Also, be sure to check out the Cryptid deduction sheet available through our Gaming Resources page.

Cryptid is a deduction game of honest misdirection by Hal Duncan and Ruth Veevers, illustrated by Kwanchai Moriya. To order a copy of this game, click here!