Coming at the end of July, Dracula's America: Shadows of the West: Forbidden Power takes the Weird Wild West to the swamps, cities, and plantations of the Deep South. The book contains new stealth rules, expanded rules for arcane powers, and a host of new scenarios, Hired Guns, monsters, skills, and gear. 

Alongside these additions, Forbidden Power brings two new factions to the game - the corrupt cultists of the Church of Dagon and the Salem Sisterhood, occult practitioners whose history dates back to the early Colonies.

The Church of Dagon

Hybrid of Dagon
Artwork by RU-MOR

“Brothers and Sisters of the Flock, I stand before you today to bring you wondrous news!

The stars are righ and, as They promised our ancestors millennia ago, the Old Ones are returning to our benighted world to illuminate its darkness with Their shining light! Ia! Ia!

Great Father Dagon has spoken to me in a holy vision, and instructed me to prepare you all for what is to come. We Faithful of the Old Ways are to be His righteous instruments in the coming time of judgement.

See, His temples have already arisen in the wilderness and His children have awoken to walk amongst us once more. Brothers and Sisters, we are truly blessed to live in this time of miracles!

Let us go out into the world and bring the Word of Dagon to the heathen and the ignorant, so that all may bask in His divine light! Ia! Ia!”

Joining the Church of Dagon means throwing in your lot with deranged fanatics who live and die to serve unspeakable eldritch horrors from another dimension. Beware – the rewards are great, but the price may be far greater!

Your posse will be led by a Priest of Dagon, a powerful spellcaster, while two non-Hired Gun models will become strange, mutated Hybrids.

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The Salem Sisterhood

Maiden and Mother

Artwork by RU-MOR

“Blessed Be, Sisters.

For generations, the womenfolk of our families have protected Washington’s Secret – since the time of the Pilgrim Fathers, we have been a part of this great nation.

Though persecuted and feared by the ignorant, our Sisterhood has never wavered in its sworn duty to protect the forbidden relics and uphold our oath.

Our generation is not about to fail now, when the stakes are at their highest!”

Joining the Salem Sisterhood means your Posse is led by the powerful white witches of the Sisterhood, in tune with the Arcane balance of the natural world. Alone, they are vulnerable – when used as a Coven, their mastery of Arcane Power grows exponentially.

This Coven will be formed from three female non-Hired Gun models, which will be designated as Witches. The Salem Sisterhood will also designate a single male non-Hired Gun model to protect the Coven – the Guardian.

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Dracula's America: Shadows of the West: Forbidden Power is publishing on 26th of July. Preorder your copy today!