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Otto Skorzeny 

Legion versus Phalanx Third Reich is Listening
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Awe-inspiring Artwork

It's so hard every month to pick out just three pieces of artwork from all of those publishing, so picking out the best of them was a real challenge - but we've had a go nonetheless. Which is your favourite?

The Luger

WPN 64: The Luger
by Neil Grant

Illustrated by Johnny Shumate

In a dramatic scene from the Eastern Front in 1914, this plate shows the famous Luger in action as a German cavalryman fires at his Russian enemy, preventing him from getting within sword reach.

XPL 9: Dornier Do 335
by Robert Forsyth

Illustrated by Wiek Luijken

The menacing form of a long-range Junkers Ju 635 maritime reconnaissance aircraft of FAGr.5 looming about the U-Boat ‘pack’ beneath it during a rendezvous prior to a devesting strike on Allied convoys.

Dornier Do 335 

Heroes of Telemark

RAID 50: Heroes of Telemark
By David Greentree

Illustrated by Peter Dennis

The wreckage of a Horsa Mk I teeters on the slopes of a remote area called Fylgjesdalen – of the 17 men on board the aircraft, only nine survived. The plane was sent to destroy the electrolysis plant at Vemork as part of a Norwegian-led SOE raid that prevented Hitler from building an atomic bomb.

ELI 226: Division Leclerc
by Merlin Robinson, Thomas Seignon

Illustrated by Raffaeke Ruggeri

In this colourful illustration from Raffaele Ruggeri, M4A2 Sherman Romilly has halted in the heart of Paris at an FFI barricade on August 24th. Adjudant Henri Caron can be seen in the centre, having dismounted to converse with Capitaine Raymond Dronne.

Division Leclerc 


What people said about our books:

American Knights

‘This is a truly epic book, one of the best military books I have read in recent years’ ­– Classic Military Vehicle

HMS Belfast Pocket Manual

‘Stuffed full of detail and can be easily dipped into for fascinating facts or insights into what it was really like to serve aboard the famous HMS Belfast’ – Warships International Fleet Review

Legion versus Phalanx

‘What does [Myke Cole] bring to the text we might not expect elsewhere? It is, thankfully, what he knows best, and can imagine, as a result of his own experience—what it must mean to be serving in a phalanx, and how this differs from the experience of a legionary’ – Classics for All

Soviet T-54 Main Battle Tank

‘If you’re remotely interested in the T-54, just like Russian armour anyway, or you just have an interest historically in the period, then I would hugely recommend this title to you […] this is an absolutely excellent title, definitely a must-have as far as armour modellers are concerned, and so it comes heartily recommended by me’ – Scale Modelling Now Video Review 


Best of the Blog

The 3rd October marked the 25th anniversary of the Battle of Mogadishu, and to mark the occasion, we spoke to Leigh Neville, the author of Day of the Rangers, which tells the true story of the battle using never-before-published narratives from the men who were there.

The Lessons of Mogadishu by Leigh Neville

In a gripping extract from new Raid title Blackbeard’s Last Fight, Angus Konstam recounts the moment Edward Teach, better know as Blackbeard, made the fatal miscalculation that would cost him his life.

Blackbeard’s Last Fight by Angus Konstam

As always, our authors have been producing some fantastic content over the last few months. Just a few of the highlights are included below.

Legion versus Phalanx by Myke Cole

Otto Skorzeny and the Assassination of Osama Bin Laden by Stuart Smith

An Interview with Nicholas Moore & Mir Bahmanyar


Book Vote Winners

September: Campaign

September’s Campaign vote saw an unusually clear winner, with Albania and Greece 1940 storming ahead of the competition with 37.21% of your votes. Trailing in second place, Hydaspes 326 BC garnered a much smaller 22.13%.


October: Raid

Another clear winner came in our October Raid vote, which generated a lot of debate on the forum. In first place was Longships on the Seine: The Viking siege of Paris 885–86, with 31% of the vote, whilst Termoli 1943: Commandos, tanks, and Fallschirmjäger battle for an Italian seaport snuck into second with 22%.


November: Duel

We had a tight competition in November, with German 88mm Gun vs Allied Armour: North Africa, 1940–43 narrowly winning out against Egyptian Armour vs Israeli Armour, Six-Day War, 1967. The North Africa title won by 27.51% to 26.78%


December: VOTE NOW

Do you want to have your say on Osprey’s new titles? Head over to the December vote and let us know your thoughts on which Elite titles we should publish!



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