Ragnarok: Heavy Metal Combat in the Viking Age is a campaign-driven skirmish game written by Tim Korklewski, in which players form a Viking War Clan seeking to prove itself worthy of becoming the new pantheon. 

As your War Clan explores the Fractured Realms, they will encounter a host of dangerous creatures and Demimortals. These fearsome encounters will do everything in their power to stop those they think are not worthy, but should you gain their respect they may join you on your as you battle your way up from ruin to stand before the halls of Valhalla.

On the blog today we take a look at a small selection of encounters from the Ragnarok bestiary, illustrated with artwork from RU-MOR.

Sea Giant

Jotnar, or Giants, are the eternal enemies of the gods. These nearly immortal beings wield great power and swear fealty to their elemental-imbued masters, who wish nothing more than to conquer what remains of the realms. Jotnar are far larger than humans and capable of immense feats of strength.

Reclusive and temperamental, Sea Giants dwell in underwater caves and in the deepest parts  of large bodies of water. They often find themselves battling Sea Linnormrs and Kraken for tribute payments from coastal settlements. After The Shattering, these immense beings started to raid the very settlements they once protected.


Draugr are spirits of honorless dead that made their way back into a body and reanimated it by sheer force of will. Incredibly strong and hard to defeat, Draugr take great pleasure in ripping apart anything upon which they set their hollow gaze. Draugr can continue to reanimate themselves in other bodies unless you manage to kill their host body with Fire or completely dismember it.

Frost Linnormr

Though rare, Linnormr are wicked, primeval dragons that are a terrifying sight to see. Linnormr view all other beings as lesser than themselves and resolve to either destroy any who dare to cross them, or cause their victims endless suffering for the sheer joy it brings them.

Frost Linnormrs are death incarnate in the coldest of climates amongst the Fractured Realms. Arguably the largest of the Linnormrs, they typically wrap their immense bodies around tall mountain caps, their icy scales blending into their surroundings. Frost Linnormrs prefer to ambush their targets, using the chilling gusts of wind that howl through the mountains to cover their approach.

Dire Bear

The enormous predecessors to your standard Bears, Dire Bears are immense forces of the wilderness that consume vast amounts of meat and are best left alone by all but the bravest warriors.

Eyda Hags

Eyda Hags dwell in swamps, dark lakes, and sea caves and prey upon any who come too close to their perceived lairs. They drag their victims to watery graves and feast on their remains. If an Eyda Hag finds it difficult to capture a victim, she uses her dreaded Evil Eye to confuse her victim and fill them with a feeling of sickness and dread. Like other Hags, Eyda Hags are gaunt and gangly; however, their potbellies and a constant dampness – even when not submerged in water for hours – set them apart from their sisters.

Rangarok: Heavy Metal Combat in the Viking Age publishes on 30 May - preorder your copy today!