Ash Barker, author of the Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse wargame, has created a fantastic free resource for players, giving you a great way to randomly create your group for his skirmish wargame of survival horror. Check out Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse: Chaos Theory!

One of the great joys of Tabletop Games is when an element of surprise is injected into the experience. Finding out what will happen next or the sudden appearance of a new Character to the cast is one of the quiet unexpected thrills that certain games present.

Artwork by Arthur Asa

In the Introduction to Last Days I describe this phenomenon in regards to Memorable Moments and Crackerjacks. The ideas for these bits of design came from a long history of adventure games where you might not just select the who and what you’re portraying or encountering but might have a whole process for generating your characters or army or even foes. This procedural generation of ‘fun’ can keep games evergreen as now two playthroughs are likely to be the same. Such august titles as ‘The Lost and the Damned’ or ‘Rogue Trader’ are brimming with tables and charts and lists of all kinds to create a unique and surprising experience.

As a young tabletop enthusiast I would spend hours randomly generating groups. Each roll of the dice would form a new narrative or host of characters in my minds eye and I would dream of clever conversions or modeling ideas for representing each and every one in my games.

Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse: Chaos Theory is an homage to those games and principles. Many of the Zombie Apocalypse literature and films involve strangers or unlikely allies coming together to survive. Why not add that to Last Days as well?

I hope you enjoy this free supplement dear reader. The challenge of generating a plucky survivor group, finding the appropriate figures or making them and then navigating a campaign will be all the sweeter if you leave some of the planning up to the luck of the dice. 

Download Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse: Chaos Theory today!