Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse: Seasons is a new supplement for Ash Barker's skirmish wargame of survival horror. It introduces a range of new features to the game, which author Ash Barker will be exploring on the blog over the next few weeks. Last week he gave an introduction to the upcoming supplement, and this week he is taking a look at the new challenges posed by the Summer.

Oh Summer… the seemingly endless hot days and warm nights are something to look forward to for most of us with running water and a reliable electric grid.

Imagine however a world filled with animate corpses that have overturned all the services we take for granted. The heat allows diseases and potentially fatal bacteria to flourish as these bipedal petri dishes hunt for the survivors who eke out an existence on the borders of what used to be their cities and centers of population.

Hopefully you'll have better luck on your bike than this guy
Artwork by Arthur Asa

Every season has the challenge of Hunger which must be overcome, but Summer brings with it the challenge of Thirst as well. Too long with just heat and no rain and water sources can either dry up or stop moving. Still water can lead to contamination. Even the risk of being poisoned by water means even more valuable resources, people or time need to be put to work making sure a constant fresh supply is available to drink….

Worse still, wildfires from lightning or simply neglect can rage without anyone to stop them. The heat can slow even the hardiest of survivor and make it more difficult to quickly get in or out of an Encounter with supplies.

But at least the roads are clear, right?

That means you could mount up on one of the most efficient forms of transformation left, a bicycle, in order to zoom about and grab vital supplies. For those feeling affluent, they could even expend resources firing up the engine of a Motorcyle or finding and stabling a Horse. Both of these consume resources, however, and the Motorcylc in particular runs the risk of being lost, stolen or attracting hordes of Zombies to the area!

But the hot and long days of summer won’t last forever. The fall is coming and with the changing of the seasons new challenges will present themselves.

More on that coming up!

Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse: Seasons comes out in September 2019 - preorder your copy today and get ready to face new challenges.