Today, we're looking at some of the artwork from our August 2019 publications. Let us know what you think in the comments section. If there are any September publications you'd like to see the artwork from, be sure to mention it too!


Kos and Leros 1943: The German Conquest of the Dodecanese by Anthony Rogers
Artwork by Darren Tan

 Kos Leros


Our first image is from Campaign 339: Kos and Leros 1943 and requested by PAUL W, shows Lieutenant Ted Johnson’s attempted assault to clear Rachi Ridge of enemy forces on 14th November 1943. Despite their efforts, the Germans managed to control the ridge and the island until the end of the war.


Churchill Infantry Tank by David Fletcher
Artwork by Henry Morshead

 Churchill Infantry Tank


The second picture, from New Vanguard 272: Churchill Infantry Tank, depicts a Churchill VI, which is essentially a Mark IV fitted with the 75mm Mark V gun. The tank is transporting infantrymen and crossing a Churchill tank bridge without room to spare at the side, presumably being guided by a dismounted member of the crew.


The Arisaka Rifle by Bill Harriman
Artwork by Peter Dennis and Alan Gilliland


 The Arisaka Rifle


Lastly, the final piece of artwork comes from Weapon 70: The Ariska Rifle portrays a few of the Japanese infantry launching an attack on American troops on Guadalcanal on the morning of 21st August 1942. They are holding 6.5mm Type 38 and 7.7mm Type 99 Arisaka rifles with fixed Type 30 bayonets.