Today on the blog we're looking at some of the artwork from the first of our 2020 titles. Let us know what you think in the comments section. If you would like to see any artwork from our February titles, be sure to mention that too!


Air Campaign 14: Schweinfurt–Regensburg 1943 by Marshall Michel III
Artwork by Jim Laurier


Schweinfurt–Regensburg 1943


The first image, requested by AdamC, shows a Fw 190 making a head-on attack on a B‑17F formation from the 91st Bomb Group, 1st Bombardment Wing, which was leading the first of two task forces on its way to Schweinfurt on 17 August 1943.


Weapon 72: The Spatha by M.C. Bishop
Artwork by Peter Dennis


The Spatha


This piece of artwork depicts Roman troops breaking into the Parthian-held city of Dura-Europos during the Parthian Wars of Lucius Verus in the middle of the 2nd century AD. The legionaries are equipped with spathae, with both Lauriacum/Hromówka and Straubing/Nydam types in use.


Campaign 345: Ia Drang 1965 by J. P. Harris, J. Kenneth Eward
Artwork by Edouard Groult


Ia Drang 1965


Finally, this picture, requested by KAL9000, depicts soldiers of Charlie Company, 1/7 Cavalry joining the fight at LZ-XRay on the afternoon of 14 November 1965. The soldiers who landed raced to reinforce a thin line holding the perimeter and helped to turn the North Vietnamese assault. As evening fell, the American soldiers were firmly in possession of the LZ and, for the moment, in control of the battle.