Romance of the Perilous Land: A Roleplaying Game of British Folklore, written by Scott Malthouse, is a game of valiant knights, mighty barbarians, and subtle cunning folk who roam the land fighting evil, righting wrongs, and creating their own legends. On the blog today we launch a free adventure for the fans of the game.

On a dreary October night in the quiet village of Millet, a farmer shivers in fear, staring out into the inky blackness beyond his window pane, eyes searching around desperately. Something has been taking his livestock. It started with chickens. Then it had been the sheep. Within days the young farmhand had vanished without a trace. 


With the villagers suspecting foul magic, the local healer Everdene is facing the hangman's noose. It's up to a group of heroes to find out exactly what's behind these disappearances before it's too late.

 The Dread Below Cover

The Dread Below is a quest for first-level characters that can easily be dropped into an ongoing campaign or run as a standalone adventure.

You can now find it on our Osprey Games resources page as a free download here.

Discover more of the work of Scott Malthouse on his design blog here.