The GM Simulation Expansion is the latest mysterious suppliment for 'Those Dark Places: Industrial Science Fiction Roleplaying'. Available on DriveThruRPG now, this new download is about to introduce all manner of new horrors to the game and provide a whole host of new ideas for anyone running Those Dark Places. Written by designer Jonathan Hicks, this is set to expand the sci-fi horror world of the original game, but let's hear what Jonathan has to say about it...

Those Dark Places Art

The ‘GM Simulation Expansion’ is a free short book that gives the General Monitor a few more options to play with in a game of Those Dark Places. In the core rulebook there were plenty of adventure hooks and ideas to get a game going, as well as the adventure ‘The Argent III Report’, and in this supplement there will be a few more ideas for different kinds of games…

In this book you will find some guidelines on how to introduce the ‘unknown’ to the game; alien horrors, cosmic terrors and eldritch wonders. There will be a few new rules to help you incorporate these things into a session as well as adventure ideas to get you moving so you can let… things loose on the players.

Things are about to get weird in the deep dark...

- Jonathan Hicks

Download The GM Simulation Expansion here.

Find out more on Jonathan Hick's game design blog here.

Requires a copy of Those Dark Places, available here.

GM Simulation Cover