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 Crescent Moonour exciting asymmetric area control game for 4-5 players, is out now! From designer Steven Mathers and with art by Navid Rahman, this game of power and politics has been getting a lot of buzz and is finally hitting tables ... 

"Crescent Moon has been designed to provide a very high level of interactivity, both on the board and in negotiation, while avoiding being predictable. In area control games it is often advantageous to promise and betray - that comes with the territory (literally). But in Crescent Moon, while it is very hard to win without at least some negotiation, it is not required to always negotiate in bad faith. Because each faction has different ways of scoring points, it is not a zero-sum game. Faction positions can co-exist and overlap on the board. Players can make mutually beneficial agreements that don't inevitably end in betrayal ... Each character is a role, and players should play their roles with relish, but also good humour and grace."

- Steven Mathers, designer

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As the sun rises over the deserts, rivers, and oases of the Caliphate, a delicate balance has been upset. As one of many rival powers in the region, you now have the opportunity to alter the course of history and seize power for yourself.

The ambitious Sultan sits in a golden palace, presiding over great works of architecture. The secretive Murshid works to covertly undermine the central authorities through an expansive network of agents. The wandering tribes of the Nomad aim to sow discord in order to secure employment for their experienced mercenary citizenry. The ravaging forces of the Warlord sweep across the land, chasing after promises of plunder. And, in the face of chaos and uncertainty, the Caliph aims to preserve order through military might.

Will you successfully navigate this web of rivalries and rise to prominence, or will you squabble with your lesser adversaries and fade into obscurity?

Crescent Moon is an area control game for four or five players. Take on the role of one of five radically asymmetric characters, each with their own objectives to fulfil, unique actions to utilise, and game-changing special powers to employ. Build symbiotic relationships with your allies, undermine your rivals, and choose your friends and enemies wisely in this cut-throat game of power and politics.

Number of players: 4-5
Ages: 14+
Play time: 150-180 minutes
Components: 59 Custom Wooden Pieces, 5 Player Booklets, 82 Cards, 62 Wooden Discs, 16 Hexes, 5 Cloth Bags, 196 Tokens


Want a tutorial? Watch this how to play from Gaming Rules!



See Crescent Moon in action in Meeple University's playthrough through The Dice Tower -
with the game's designer himself, Steven Mathers:




"A really thinky, really satisfying diplomatic wargame"
- MarcoOmnigamer

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Crescent Moon is out now! Order your copy today.