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Frostgrave: Fireheart is only two days away! Are you ready to explore a host of new content about the constructs of the Frozen City? Read on to hear from author Joseph A. McCullough, get all the details on the game and preorder your copy today ...


"In many ways, writing Frostgrave: Fireheart was about going back to my earliest days as a miniature gamer, the days before I had ever read a rulebook. In those days, I just made up rules on the fly as and when they were needed for my games. I didn’t create them because they made the game ‘more balanced’ or ‘more tactical’, but simply because they were fun and I wanted them to exist. I have always wanted there to be more optional rules for constructs, for modifying them and personalizing them. These rules don’t make the game ‘better’, but they certainly increase my enjoyment of Frostgrave when thinking about constructs! In the same vein, I created a load of strange and deadly interactive terrain that can be added to games. If anything, these terrain pieces make the game less balanced, but the chaos they can bring to the table increases my fun! So, if you think that sounds like your style of gaming, you might want to give it a look."
Joseph A. McCullough


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This supplement for Frostgrave provides players with new tools to build, animate, field, and face constructs in their games.

In the glory days of Ancient Felstad, artisans competed to produce the most beautiful, the most functional, and the most enduring constructs. These living works of art could be seen everywhere in the city, fulfilling many of the day-to-day tasks that kept the magical metropolis running. They provided transportation and security, worked on construction and cleaning, exterminated vermin, butchered animals, and tended furnaces. Then came the cataclysm. The ice and snow not only buried and destroyed most of the constructs active in the city, but nearly wiped out the knowledge of their creation. Certainly, the constructs animated by the explorers of the Frozen City are crude in both form and function compared to what once existed.

This supplement for Frostgrave: Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City provides a study of constructs, offering expanded rules for their creation, modification, and even re-animation. It examines enchanters' workshops, detailing new magic items and base modifications that aid in the animation process, and also includes a bestiary full of new constructs. Of course, much of the knowledge that was once lost still exists in the frozen ruins, so the book also features several scenarios set in the once-great factories where the art of construct creation reached its pinnacle.


Frostgrave: Fireheart is out this Thursday! Preorder your copy today.


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