The Village Rails header banner, showing the game title above its tagline "A game of locomotives and local motives", beside a photograph of the box laid out on a field of grass surrounded by its various board and card components


ALL ABOARD!! Village Rails is out now! Read on to find out more and order your copy today...

"We are both thrilled to be releasing Village Rails with Osprey Games – a deceptively small game that delivers both on an engaging puzzly experience and a wonderfully charming atmosphere through the lovely illustrations by Joanna Rosa. In the game, you'll try to best piece together your network of railway lines and then give the locals the most memorable trips along them. It’s a joy to watch your tableau growing, and a game you can come back to again and again."
- Brett J. Gilbert and Matthew Dunstan

 "With Village Rails Matthew and Brett have put together a really fun little game that incorporates an interesting twist on tableau-building and a ton of replayability. In her beautiful watercolour artwork Joanna has recreated the cosy rural feel you'd want from a game about local rail networks, and I'm really proud of how much art and how much game we've managed to fit into such a small and travel-friendly package."
- Anthony Howgego, Senior Games Developer, Osprey Games

A 2-4 player card game of trains, tracks, and tricky decisions designed by the award-winning design duo
Brett J. Gilbert and Matthew Dunstan.

In the sleepy English countryside, life continues undisturbed as it has for centuries. It is up to you to travel to every corner of this land, bearing the promise of modernisation, accommodating the oddly specific demands of the locals, and ushering in the age of steam.

In Village Rails, you will be criss-crossing the fields of England with railway lines, connecting villages together, and navigating the complex and ever-changing demands of rural communities. Connect stations and farmsteads to your local network while placing your railway signals and sidings ever so carefully. Meet the exacting standards of cantankerous locals planning strangely specific trips, and weigh their demands against your limited funding. There is much to balance in this tricky tableau-building card game of locomotives and local motives.

Players: 2-4
Playing Time: 45 mins
Age: 14+
Contents: 122 mini cards, 50+ tokens, 4 scoring dials



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Village Rails is out now! Order your copy today. 


The Village Rails footer banner, reading "From the award-winning Matthew Dunstan and Brett J. Gilbert" with watercolour pictures of old-fashioned steam trains flanking the words on either side