Are you ready for more Osprey wargames? 2023 has plenty on the way with two new standalone games, the latest instalment in the Osprey Wargames series and the return of Bolt Action...

Last week we announced new supplements from Joseph A. McCullough for Frostgrave, Stargrave and The Silver Bayonet - but today we have even more wargame news for you! Enter two whole new worlds with The Doomed, a game of monster-hunting in a bleak future, and A War Transformed, where the trenches of World War I meet the mysteries of folk horror. And we have new releases for old classics as well: there's another entry in the Osprey Wargames series, With Hot Lead and Cold Steel, and the long-awaited return of Bolt Action with Campaign: Italy: Tough Gut.

But that isn't quite it for Osprey Games in 2023 - over the next few weeks we'll also be announcing two huge board game titles for the year. As ever, follow us on social media and sign up to our newsletter if you want to stay in the loop.


A photo of fully painted miniatures against overgrown ruined terrain: a huge monster is faced away and towering over three high-tech, knight-like figures  The cover for The Doomed: Apocalyptic Horror Hunting, with art showing a band of futuristic knights fighting a massive, eyeless monstrosity

Written by Chris McDowall & illustrated by Helge C. Balzer

"The Doomed throws horror-hunting warbands into a desperate world in a skirmish-level game
of minimalist rules and maximum drama."
- Chris McDowall

A quick-playing, rules-light skirmish wargame of Horror hunting
set in a bleak sci-fi world on the brink of impending doom.

Hunger, Hatred, Domination, Oblivion, and Ruin. The world is dying, poised on the brink of falling to one of these great dooms. Factions pursue their own interests, as likely to be the heralds of the world’s destruction as they are its saviours. Horrors – monstrous abominations that defy logic, science, and nature – roam the land. Bands of hunters follow bold leaders, seeking out and destroying Horrors, gaining fame as word of their deeds spreads amongst the desperate survivors. Rival bands compete for prestige, clash over ideology,
and pose as much of a threat to each other as the Horrors they hunt.

The Doomed is a quick-playing, rules-light skirmish wargame in which small warbands of hunters compete to hunt unique Horrors in a bleak sci-fi world. Scenarios are defined by the Horror being hunted and by the Conflict in which the hunt takes place. Each Horror has its own strengths, weaknesses, and tactics, often breaking the rules in unique ways, and must be approached carefully – stealth, cunning, and brute force will all have a role to play. Each Conflict, meanwhile, provides a distinct set-up for the scenario and a secondary objective that pits the warbands against each other as well as against the Horror. Campaigns build towards a climax, with hunters gaining prestige and renown, offering access to new, unique options for their warband. In the background, the five dooms also grow in power, threatening to deliver their own climax to the campaign if the hunters are not successful enough.

Available June 2023 UK & US


 A rough sketch of a mixed group of WW1 soldiers and civilians parading around a giant burning wicker man  The A War Transformed cover, with art showing a group of WW1 soldiers in a trench, including a dog in a gas mask, surrounded by candles, occult decoration and an effigy with antlers

Written by Frederick Silburn-Slater & illustrated by Dimitris Martinos

“Fight to claim the newest front of World War I in an alternate reality turned upside-down
by magic and the return of the old gods of the Earth. Battle opponents with machine guns,
tanks and ancient rituals, or conjure up savage nature spirits to do your bidding
and claim the Doggerland Front.”

- Frederick Silburn-Slater

The Great War meets the horrors of forgotten folklore in this occult skirmish wargame.

1916: A World Transformed. As the Great War raged, the Moon fell from its orbit. Seas shifted, uncovering new lands and revealing what tide and time had concealed. Long known as a potent occult power, the Moon’s descent also heralded the terrifying resurgence of magic. Long-forgotten gods and spirits began to stir in hidden groves and caverns and old traditions found new strength. Soon, stone circles echoed once more with the chanting of ancient rituals and menhirs were again bedecked with wildflowers and presented with offerings of honey and blood.
1918: A War Transformed. Rival nations battle on new fronts, seeking dominance with weapons of spell, song, and sacrifice. Thrust to the surface, Doggerland, the ancient bridge between Britain and Europe, becomes a crucial battleground in the conflict. In this alien landscape, raiding parties pick through the ribs of wrecks and the ruins of lost villages, war machines festooned with totems and fetishes roll over the brittle bones of long-dead giants, and cavalry charge across plains made verdant by the vegetation returning to this new land with unnatural speed.

A War Transformed is a skirmish wargame set in a world where World War I was utterly changed by forces far beyond human comprehension. Players command small forces of infantry, cavalry, artillery, and other… stranger… troops on the Doggerland Front. Fast-paced gameplay and a tense initiative bidding system are combined with authentic folk traditions and occult philosophies of the era – it is a game of rifle and relic, of bayonet and belief, of machine gun and magic.

Available July 2023 UK & US


A photo of fully painted miniature figures and terrain depicting a unit of WW2 soldiers moving towards an entrenched bunker behind a tank, with barbed wire and tank traps between them  The Bolt Action: Campaign: Italy: Tough Gut cover, with art showing a WW2 soldier firing a submachine gun

Written by Warlord Games & illustrated by Peter Dennis

A new supplement for Bolt Action focusing on the later Italian Campaign, following on from
Soft Underbelly, adding new units, scenarios, and special rules.

In Italy, the fight continues!

As the Allies push north up the Italian Peninsula, they have encountered heavy resistance from the Axis and their multitude of fortified and defensive lines, slowing the allied advance to a crawl. The ‘soft underbelly’ of Europe proved to be false, instead it was a ‘tough gut’.
This supplement for Bolt Action, and the counterpart to Soft Underbelly, focuses on the battles ranging from the Gustav Line in 1944 all the way to those of the Gothic Line in 1945, with the breakouts at Anzio and Monte Cassino of particular focus. Containing a host of scenarios to refight these famous battles, along with new units, special rules, and Theatre Selectors, this book contains everything players need to bring an end to the war and liberate Italy.

Available August 2023 UK & US


A photo of fully painted miniature figures and terrain set up as a mass American Civil War battle, with gunsmoke hanging in the air between the two armies.  The cover for With Hot Lead and Cold Steel, with art depicting an American Civil War battle

Written by Arthur van der Ster & illustrated by Mark Stacey

"With Hot Lead and Cold Steel will give ACW players exactly that: large armies, large battles, fast and furious gameplay. A total ACW gaming experience whilst enjoying hot snacks and cold drinks."
- Arthur van der Ster

A set of wargaming rules for fighting large battles set during the American Civil War.

From the First Bull Run to Appomattox Court House, enter one of the defining conflicts of American history. With shot, shell, and sabre, guide the armies of the Blue and the Grey through this first modern war to determine the fate of a nation.

With Hot Lead and Cold Steel is a large-scale, mass-battle wargame for recreating the American Civil War. Designed to handle divisional engagements and providing a balance between ease of play and period detail, With Hot Lead and Cold Steel is ideal for new gamers and wargaming veterans alike. It contains everything players need to raise armies and craft scenarios, whether based upon historical campaigns and orders of battle or those of their own devising.

Available September 2023 UK // October 2023 US


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