Written by Warlord Games & illustrated by Peter Dennis

A supplement for the award-winning World War II wargame, Bolt Action, focusing on the Axis offensives through Eastern Ukraine and into the North Caucasus.

After the failure of Barbarossa to utterly defeat the Soviet Union, a new plan was devised, Case Blue.
This plan involved pushing through the southern Soviet Union to reach the Caucasus and secure the oil fields that Germany so desperately needed. While initially there was great success and sweeping advances as the autumn began, the Axis advances began to falter in the wake of Soviet resistance and counter attacks, culminating in the battles in and around Stalingrad.

This Campaign Book for Bolt Action contains new linked scenarios, rules, troop types,
and Theatre Selectors, providing plenty of options for novice and veteran players alike.

Bolt Action: Campaign: Case Blue is out today in the UK and will be out in the US January 2023.

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