Written by Joseph A. McCullough
Illustrated by aRU-MOR

"One aspect of Frostgrave that really caught players’ attention was its heavy use of wandering monsters and random encounters. In fact, this proved so popular that I increased the frequency of such monsters in the second edition. Mortal Enemies takes that one step further by turning some of those monsters into recurring villains that can plague the players’ wizards throughout a campaign and even grow more powerful over time. This offers players another excuse to collect and paint some of their favourite minis, knowing that it represents a villain who will be seen more than once!"
- Joseph A. McCullough

Enhance your Frostgrave campaigns with recurring villains that grow more powerful over time and give your wizards somewhere to hide with expanded rules for bases.

On the violent and deadly streets of the Frozen City, feuds and vendettas are commonplace.
Wizards may start out focused on discovery and exploration, fighting when necessary for survival or to win possession of some long-lost artefact or grimoire, but such battles can swiftly become intensely personal. Competitors become adversaries and, as the cycle of violence continues, some wizards lose sight of their original goals and focus their efforts on the elimination of their hated foes – their mortal enemies.

This supplement for Frostgrave: Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City presents rules for creating recurring villains in both competitive and solo campaigns. These characters are unique individuals who return over the course of a campaign to plague the players' wizards, gaining experience, recruiting allies, and becoming more deadly with each appearance. Against such threats, a wizard's base becomes as much hideout as headquarters, and an expanded range of options for enhancing bases is provided, as are rules for defending your own... and attacking those of your rivals!


Frostgrave: Mortal Enemies is out now in the UK and April 30th in the US.

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