Written by Joseph A. McCullough
Illustrated by Brainbug Design

"While I didn’t originally plan to write any supplements for The Silver Bayonet, I always knew that,
if I ever did, I would eventually turn towards Egypt. What I love about Egypt is that it has both a very
distinct setting, with its vast deserts and truly ancient ruins, but also a completely unique folklore
and mythology, far removed from that of Europe. Despite that, it still has a very close and real
connection with Napoleon’s campaign there. This book not only allowed me explore some of that
wonderful mythology, but also let me ponder the ‘real reasons’ that Napoleon
sailed across the Mediterranean…"
- Joseph A. McCullough, creator of The Silver Bayonet

Face dangerous new foes, recruit new soldiers, and uncover the mysterious treasures of
Ancient Egypt in two new campaigns, one competitive and one for solo or cooperative play.

Somewhere beneath the shifting sands lies the forgotten knowledge of the pharaohs –
magic granting power over wind and rain, life and death, and even time itself.
Napoleon didn't cross the Mediterranean simply to conquer Egypt, he sought these ancient secrets.
No one knows what he found, but his military victories since then speak for themselves.
Now, as Bonaparte continues to burn his way through Europe, desperate nations have sent their own special units across the sea to search for a counter and end his rampage.

Egypt: Shadow of the Sphinx is a supplement for The Silver Bayonet, in which the players'
special units explore the mysteries of this great land, venturing into lost cities, forbidden ruins,
and even beneath the Pyramids themselves. Contained within are two campaigns, one competitive
and one for solo or cooperative play. Also included is a new recruitment list as well as a number
of new soldier types, and the equipment that might give them an edge, but they will still have to face
an array of terrifying foes, including mummies, werejackals, and serpopards, many not known
to the living for more than 3,000 years...

The Silver Bayonet: Egypt: Shadow of the Sphinx is out now in the UK
and will be out in the US June 25th.

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