Written by Patrick Todoroff
Illustrated by Boris Groh

A solo and cooperative skirmish wargame for investigating and battling
the supernatural mysteries of the modern world.

When Nightmares Come is a tabletop miniatures wargame about modern day monster hunting
and occult investigations. Players will form a team of paranormal vigilantes;
self-taught occult specialists and monster hunters who call themselves the Nightwatch.
These self-appointed members of the 'watch look to tackle the supernatural horrors and
investigate the strange disturbances that plague their city.

The core of the game, using the Action Dice Pool with its multiple die types, is fast and bloody,
with tiered enemies, flexible player classes, quick combat resolution,
and straightforward mission objectives.

When Nightmares Come also contains a roleplaying element that allows for non-combat
challenges and dramatic encounters. This system uses the same dice types as the core game's
Action Dice Pool and emphasizes quick resolutions. This narrative system adds a fresh dimension
to the core miniatures experience, particularly in longer campaigns where the promise of
different foes and new storylines encourages long-term playability.

When Nightmares Come is out now in the UK and April 30th in the US.

Order today.

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