A Pocket History of the Civil War

Citizen Soldiers, Bloody Battles, and the Fight for America’s Future

A Pocket History of the Civil War cover

A Pocket History of the Civil War

Citizen Soldiers, Bloody Battles, and the Fight for America’s Future


A unique collection of facts, trivia, and lore about the US Civil War.

Whether novice or buff, readers across the spectrum will find unique and entertaining bits of trivia, facts, and lore about key American Civil War battles and leaders in A Pocket History of the Civil War, a collection of the unusual from author Martin F.Graham.

From the identification of key troop locations during seminal battles of the Civil War, to details about monuments, facts about Union and Confederate officers, readers will find myriad bits of fun and fascinating information in this unique collection.

Quizzes peppered throughout the book allow readers to test their knowledge.

Table of Contents


Chapter One: The Evolution of Soldiers
Why Did Civilians Go to War?
Transforming Civilians into Soldiers
The Organization of Northern and Southern Armies
The Daily Life of a Union and Confederate Soldier Rations
On the March
The Face of Battle
The Men Who Fought and Their Tools of War
Test Your Knowledge About the Soldiers
Who Fought in the Civil War

Chapter Two: Key Battles and Campaigns of the War-1861–62
First Bull Run (Manassas)-Meeting the Elephant
The USS Monitor vs. CSS Virginia (the Merrimack)-The Battle of the Ironclads
Shiloh-Grant's Close Call
The Seven Days-Lee Takes Command
Second Battle of Bull Run-A Familiar Stampede
Antietam-McClellan's Last Test
Fredericksburg-It Is Good That War Is So Terrible
Stones River-The Fight for Middle Tennessee
Test Your Knowledge About the Major Battles of 1861–62

Chapter Three: Key Battles and Campaigns of the War-1863
Chancellorsville and Second Fredericksburg-Stonewall's Last Victory
Gettysburg-Lee Takes the War to the Union Heartland
Siege of Vicksburg-Grant Conquers the Great Mississippi
Fort Wagner-The Eyes of Thousands Will Look on What You Do Tonight
Chickamauga-The “Rock of Chickamauga” Saves an Army
Chattanooga-The Battle Above the Clouds
Test Your Knowledge About the Major Battles of 1863

Chapter Four: Key Battles and Campaigns of the War-1864
The Overland Campaign of Virginia-Total Warfare
The Atlanta Campaign-Johnston's Retreat
Siege of Petersburg-Life in the Trenches
Cedar Creek-Sheridan Wills a Victory
March to the Sea-Sherman Cuts a Huge Path Through Georgia
Hood's Tennessee Campaign-The Destruction of a Great Army
Test Your Knowledge About the Major Battles of 1864

Chapter Five: Peace at Last
Appomattox Court House, Virginia-An Affectionate Farewell
Durham, North Carolina-With Feelings of Cordial Friendship
Irwinsville, Georgia-Captured in Women's Clothes
Test Your Knowledge About the War's End

Chapter Six: Four Years of War-The Numbers
Those Who Served-North and South
Battles and Skirmishes-The Numbers
Famous Regiments-Heroics and Loss
Death in the Ranks-Commanders and Generals
The Economics of War-Money and Life
Test Your Knowledge About the Cost of War

Chapter Seven: Civil War Prisons
Camp Sumter-Andersonville, Georgia
Camp Douglas-Chicago, Illinois
Libby Prison-Richmond, Virginia
Johnson's Island-Sandusky, Ohio
Test Your Knowledge About Civil War Prisons

Chapter Eight: Ten Interesting Characters and Events of the Civil War
Sam Davis-Boy Hero of the Confederacy
Henry and Clara Rathbone-The Last Guests of the Lincolns
Sergeant Richard Kirkland-Angel of Mercy
Ambrose Bierce-The Mysterious Death of the Soldier and Journalist
Johnny Clem-The Drummer Boy of Shiloh?
Angelo Crapsey-A Tragic End to a Heroic Life
James Andrews and William Fuller-The Great Locomotive Chase
Confederate General Clement Evans-The Sewing Kit That Saved His Life
Alonzo Cushing-A 147-Year Wait for the Congressional Medal of Honor
The Last Reunion of the Blue and the Gray- and the Years Beyond
Test Your Knowledge About the Characters and Events of the Civil War

Recommended Reading
Test Your Knowledge Answer Key

Product details

Published Aug 20 2011
Format Ebook (PDF)
Edition 1st
Extent 256
ISBN 9781849089104
Imprint Osprey Publishing
Illustrations 25 b/w; 25 col
Series General Military
Short code GNM
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing

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