New technology that can make tanks invisible has been unveiled by the brains of Britain's Ministry of Defence.
In secret trials last week, the Army said it managed to make a tank completely disappear and predicted that an invisible tank would be ready for combat service by 2012.
According to AHN, this new technology uses cameras and projectors to beam images of the surrounding landscape onto the tank in question. The tank itself is coated in silicon to maximise its reflective capabilities.
So basically, anyone looking in the direction of the vehicle only sees what is behind the tank, not the tank itself!
How the technology works exactly is of course being kept very secret by the British Army, not least by the master behind it all, Professor Sir John Pendry, from Imperial College, London - the world's leading authority on the physics of invisibility. There are also rumours that they are testing a military jacket which would work in the same way.
Needless to say I do hope they will get around to testing trousers, helmets and shoes as well, otherwise that really could be an interesting sight on the battlefield...