I thought I would get this out of the way in my first post. Come clean so to speak. I go crazy over old buildings. A sunny Sunday afternoon won\'t see me sitting outside a pub by a river. Instead, I am probably out snooping round an old house or castle. Whenever a new month\'s advance copies arrive on my desk I immediately reach for the Fortress titles and have a sly flick through.

I also get a French publication, 39/45 Magazine which has a great section about old WW2 bunkers and fortifications. Now, I have to admit my French is not great, but I can usually muddle my way through the photos and captions - and they really come up with some stunning images. Or, if you are looking for great articles on fortifications around the world (and one of the most comprehensive and useful book review sections in a historical magazine) have a look at the Fortress Study Group, and their magazine Casemate.

But, it\'s not just military sites that interest me - it\'s the hidden gems that we miss on a day-to-day basis, things hidden away, forgotten about, buried underneath bustling city streets. If you feel the same go have a look at the Subterranean Britannica website. It\'s brilliant - articles and photos of everything from abandoned Tube stations and bunkers through to air raid shelters and Cold War military sites. If you are like me and love this sort of thing, I can guarantee that the hours will fly by!