...and commiserations to everyone else. Phil and I had a great time in Manchester this weekend at Britcon 2008. We took along the latest titles and quickly sold out of The Samurai Invasion of Korea 1592-98 and Irish-American Units in the Civil War.

There was some furiously competitive gaming going on from the ancient and medieval brawls of Field of Glory and DBM to the high technology show-downs of Flames of War. Phil even got to game a little on the demonstration table from the Lance and Longbow Society which was putting on The Battle of Marignano.

On Saturday evening we participated in the BHGS pub quiz and managed to retain comfortable mid-table anonymity with the help of some French wargamers who performed valiantly despite the many obscure cultural references in the questions.

Finally when the show closed I was lucky enough to present the awards to all the winners of which there were quite a lot. The full tournament listings can be found on the British Historical Games Society (BHGS) website.