Next week is the London Book Fair - one of the two biggest events of the year for the Osprey team based in the UK. So, most of the office is currently running around with a strange look in their eyes - probably not blind panic, but there is a certain amount of stress involved in getting ready for the fair. Virtually every department has been working towards this event for months. The marketing department put together the trade catalogues and posters for the event with the help of our production and design team. The sales team are arranging meetings with book buyers from around the world - and are responsible for the nuts and bolts of the stand and the event. The editorial team are checking everything for spelling mistakes...and are gearing up for a chance to check out what else is going on in military history publishing. It is a hectic, busy time, but it is always worth it.

In particular, the Osprey stand is developing a bit of a reputation for the quality of the posters displayed across the whole stand - and its not surprising really - Osprey artwork blown up to lifesize is quite simply awesome. Richard mentioned the posters we took to the Frankfurt book fair (the other major event for us) in a post last year and I remember them arriving in the office and being unfurled. Staring at a six foot tall Spitfire taken from one of our Duel books was amazing.

But this year we have toned down the posters. Rather than having massive artwork we have decided to emphasise the fact that this year is Osprey's 40th birthday. We haven't left it there though. This year, as an additional draw for our stand there will be a man standing on the stand wearing a full suit of armour.

That's right - a suit of armour. And who would be foolish enough to volunteer for such an embaressing and most likely uncomfortable experience as this? Well none other than my fellow bloggers Richard and Phil. And me.

We will take some photos. And we will post them up on the blog. But on one condition. Please don't laugh!