Saddened when I heard the news, the sudden passing of American journalist and historian, David Halberstam, was a shock to all. He was equally at home writing about modern history, politics, and contemporary sports, but the thing I will miss most about him is hearing his growly drawl on C-Span and National Public Radio, where he was a frequent guest and interviewee. Now, I come to see that Halberstam's last book is a history of the Korean War called, The Coldest Winter. It is being published this month by Hyperion in the US (not sure of the UK release).  According to Publisher's Weekly, what distinguishes Halberstam's version of the war is "his reportorial skill, honed in Vietnam...[and] his pounding narrative, in which GIs and genreals describe their coldest winter." The Korean War is just starting to get the wider recognition it deserves. In Halberstam, it may not have its Homer, but it will now have an historian who can bring home "the forgotten" war to the masses. What a apt closing chapter to a stellar career.