Next week I have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. On Monday we have arranged to have a sit down with Pete Scholey, former SAS soldier, where I get to quiz him about his life in the Regiment. This question and answer session will then be posted on a minisite we are designing for his upcoming book for Osprey on his personal SAS Heroes.

Now while I can't wait to find out what Pete used to eat on campaign and how he dealt with the notoriously difficult SAS selection and training, I thought you would all have some questions that you would like to ask him too!

So, do you have a question for a man who spent 20 years in the SAS and who served in Borneo, Aden, Oman and Northern Ireland? If so, post it up here before the end of the week. We will take a selection of the best questions and put them to Pete - and his answers will be posted up on the minisite. We'll let you know when!