Not sure how many of our UK readers managed to catch this brilliant report on Channel 4 news a couple of months ago, so I thought I would share it with everyone. A television crew was allowed to accompany a British medical emergency response team (MERT for short) as it picked up the wounded from the battlefield.

It made for both uncomfortable and inspiring viewing. Uncomfortable of course because it showed the true horror of war and the high cost being paid by all, but also inspiring because of the efforts these teams will go to in an attempt to save a life - and not just British soldiers. Footage included the rescues of US soldiers, Afghan National Army soldiers and even their own erstwhile enemies. Flying in Chinooks low over the soaring Afghan mountains, at risk from enemy fire, these teams performed complicated medical procedures, that would usually require a hospital and a full-team of surgeons, in an attempt to save lives.

Sometimes they are successful, sometimes they are not, but day in day out in a cycle of punishing 24-hour duty rotas they report back for more. The one good thing is to see their service being given coverage on a prime-time news report so that people back home can witness first-hand the remarkable feats they achieve.

You can see the full report here.