An extra post from me this month, just to let you know about the wonderful time that we had at Military Odyssey over the bank holiday weekend. After worrying for days about the distinct possibility of rain, the weather was a dream - lovely warm days that were great for all things re-enactorish! In fact the only \'bad\' weather we faced was a dense mist on the first morning. It soon burnt off, but driving past the ACW campsite as it was shrouded in clouds was a fantastic site - like being teleported back in time!

All in all it was a very useful weekend - we were able to chat to our re-enacting fans, gather suggested book titles, likes/dislikes etc, whilst showing off advance copies of our fabulous new books Duel, FUBAR, and Military Misdemeanours.

But of course books, and indeed Osprey, are only a small part of Military Odyssey. The most important thing is the people there - the fantastic re-enactors, from the Spartans who were treated like celebrities all weekend, to the stone-age man making flints. American and English Civil War armies were there in force, as were the Wild West and Saxons. As usual, the grand Second World War re-enactment was action-packed - as was the Napoleonic battle. For those who were not able to make it down to Kent, we took a few pictures - of our stand, our favourite re-enactors and of the bridge the Royal Engineers Museum built over the big puddle (small lake) that sat outside the front of our stand all weekend…. which was then assaulted by the Model Tank Brigade.

We were also visited by one of our highly talented illustrators, Adam Hook (shown below with Kate at the stand), who was taking pictures for reference for a future Osprey book!

As previously mentioned, Osprey\'s next major appearance in the UK is at Euro Militaire - hope to see you there!