Recently, I became a member of a very select, very elite club within the hallowed halls of Osprey (it's like the Illuminati, but with more tanks...), taking on responsibility for the commissioning of new titles in the New Vanguard series.

Now, while I have made no secret of the fact that I tend towards the common infantryman, I do have a great love of all things military, armour and all, and am really looking forward to forcing some of my own personal interests into the series (come hell or high water...). Ideas that have been suggested so far, by authors, by members of the NVG Illuminati and by other Ospreyistas include:

  • Mk V Tank
  • Casspir and/or Rooikat
  • Humber LRC
  • Mil Mi24 'Hind'
  • Jagdpanther
  • FV603 Saracen APC and FV601 Saladin AC
  • Technicals, Boghammers and other improvised combat vehicles
  • FV432 APC
  • British Motor Gunboats 1939-45
  • British Aircraft Carriers 1939-45
  • Chinooks
  • M113 ACAV
  • M103 Tank
These are just a few of the ideas on my hitlist so far - obviously not all will see the light of day, and some may take a while to get rolling. In the meantime, I'd be interested to know what you guys feel are the gaps in our New Vanguard series and what topics you would like to see covered - the quirkier the better!