Welcome to the new Osprey website, we think you might like it.

Of course in the beginning there are going to be a few new features to explain which we will be doing over the course of the next few weeks. To get you started here is a quick explanation of all the old and new features you can see around you.

First the home page. From here you should be able to find everything. Whether you are interested in buying a book, taking a subscription, commenting on the blog or forums, updating you\'re My Osprey page this is the place to start. From here you can go to:

The store

Where you can find every book you need. From the latest releases and bestsellers to our comprehensive backlist. You can search these in a number of ways:

   1. Use the simple search at the top to look by topic or keyword.
   2. Or use the Search Within function (more on that later) to refine your results by date, place, nationality and other criteria.
   3. Or browse by period (see below) on the left-hand side.
   4. You will also find that Google Book Search remains on the right-hand side.

Interested in researching just the ancient world? Why not click through to the ancient world period page. You\'ll see it is sub-divided like the main page into home, store, blog, forum and articles - so everything on your particular period is held in one place.

The blog
Over the last year we have been really pleased with our original blog so we have decided to bring it into the site. With more of the same from our inhouse bloggers and guests, this is the place to visit to get the latest on Osprey books and other products, reviews, competitions and everything else related to military history.

So far so good. There are some more features we think you\'ll appreciate but to access them you\'ll need to register. This is very easy - the form can be found here and it does not ask for pages of information. Registering will allow you to access the following:

The forums.

We have really appreciated your active commenting on the blog and wanted to go one stage further. So we\'ve set these up, open for discussion on anything related to Osprey or military history in general. Please comment on the threads you see here or start your own one up. This site is open to everyone - so please keep the language and subject matter appropriate. If you do notice a thread or comment that you find offensive, just click on the Report Abuse button and let us know about it. The same goes for all spammers and all spam messages - let us know about it and we will get it deleted as soon as possible.

My Osprey.

This consists of two main parts. My Wishlist and My library. Use the former to mark down the books you want then keep it for reference or send it out to your friends as a gentle reminder. Use My Library to record the books you already have. So just before you visit a show or store print it out and take it with you - never buy duplicate copies again!


This is probably the most exciting new addition to the site and gives you not only the chance to access both maps and plane profiles online but also a year long discount on your Osprey book purchases.

There are two memberships available. Both give you access to all the planes and maps, the Gold has a 30% discount, the Silver 15% for the length of your subscription. We have plans to add new material to the memberships as it is published. You will see a sample plane profile and map on this page so have a look and take a membership to access the rest of this incredible Osprey archive.

Once you have a subscription you can use the Search Within tool to find that key campaign map or perfect plane profile you require; it is also available on the Store pages to find the book you need. Click on the Search Within button just above the central panel, specify which date, nationality, place as well as other criteria you want and our specially commissioned taxonomy will hone your results.

Lots of our other features remain including competitions, Books I\'d Like to Read and newsletters as well as some new ones including Quizzes, a store locator and advertising of related products and services.

This is a very brief guide to our new website. Please have a look round and let us know what you think. We think we have covered everything but if you find a bug, or something that doesn\'t work please comment and we\'ll get onto fixing it. If you have any feeback about the site, feel free to comment here on our new forum, otherwise I hope you enjoy it!