In War at Sea the miniature of the battleship Iowa is six-inches long. It is a glorious little toy that just begs to be used in a tabletop wargame.

War at Sea is the latest offering from Wizards of the Coast. It is a pre-painted, collectable miniatures game that allows the players to re-fight the great naval conflicts of World War II.

The game is played on a large foldout map broken into squares. Each miniature has a corresponding stat card that gives its movement, combat abilities, and any special rules. Attacks are resolved by throwing a handful of six-sided dice, and ships can be damaged, crippled, or sunk. The rules are simple and easy to learn, focusing on playability over historical accuracy.

The real story of War at Sea, however, is the miniatures. The ships are 1/1,800 scale, which may sound small but means that even the destroyers are over two inches long. Aircraft are 1/900 scale. This scale difference actually helps make the aircraft look like they are flying above the battlefield. Say what you will about collectability and pre-paints, these miniatures are nothing less than fantastic, and I believe that many people will be drawn to collecting them whether they use the official War at Sea rules or some other system.