We are currently experiencing a technical fault on the website which is causing problems for people who are trying to log in to the site, and in particular with anyone who is trying to place an order on the site.

Members who have subscribed to silver and gold memberships are being particularly affected while ordering - you will be able to enter items into the cart, but in stage 5 of the process the site is being caused to 'hang' and orders are not being fully processed.

We have been working round the clock to try and get this fixed - and are hopeful that we will be able to implement a solution to this early next week.

We are very sorry for all of the inconvenience that this is causing. We would also like to apologise to any silver or gold members who were unable to take advantage of the special 'Members day' discount yesterday and today. We will be re-running the members day discount once we have the site up and running fully, and we will email each of you to let you know when this discount will launch.

Again, we are sorry for all of these problems - and I will keep you up-to-date with our progress next week. Thank you all for your patience and have a good weekend.