Following the enthusiastic response to my last post, Top three worst war films, I thought it would be worthwhile continuing the war film theme. A comment from Gene suggested investigating the three war films that you would like to see on the silver screen. So, without further ado, here are my suggestions!

First up, I think there is scope for an African battle to be covered - and I would love to see the Angolan battle at Cuito Cuanavale covered. Referred to as Africa\'s largest land battle since the WW2, the battle is intriguing simply because of the politics behind it. The Angolan factions were backed by the Eastern Bloc and Cuba on one side and the USA and South Africa on the other. By all accounts the fighting was vicious - and at the end of the battle both sides claimed victory. As a study of the politics behind war, and for something a little bit different - it could make an intriguing war film - although politically and financially I imagine it would be a huge risk!

Secondly and quite simply I would love to see more on the Russian Civil War. Armored trains, the Czech Legion - huge expanses of Russian Steppe, and once again political intrigue and foreign intervention. Need I say more? Make a film of it. Now!

And finally, my third suggestion would have to be something dealing with Korea. I know there are films out there on the subject, but I do think it needs revisiting - especially as something like the Battle of Chosin would be spectacular with up-to-date Saving Private Ryan-style special effects.

So, what do you think - what war films should be made?