As I mentioned a while back, we are always looking into ways that we can improve our stock levels so that as few of our books are unavailable as possible. The problems - as you can imagine with over 1.500 books are not always easy to deal with.

But one of our hopes with the construction of our new website was that we would be able to track what you want more effectively - meaning that the more popular requests would be brought back faster and in bigger quantities, which in turn would allow us to do short run printings of the more obscure topics which are still requested on a regular basis.

And I am pleased to announce that we are now able to do just this - using your Osprey wishlist. For anyone who has not used the Osprey wishlist yet - it is something that you can get access to when you register on our website. It allows you to log in to the site and pick and choose the books that you really want to buy. It is an email-able list, so if someone wants to buy you a present, you can also forward them a list of the books that you would like.

What we are now able to do is to track the number of times that a book appears on all of your wishlists, and every month, these wishlist statistics will be used to help us plan to what books we reprint. So, if you are after a particular Osprey book, make sure that you add it to your wishlist - the more people who do so, the more likely it is that the book you want will be reprinted.

We are also confident that over the next few months we will be able to notify you when any of the books on your wishlist come back into stock - so that you will never miss out!