Throughout the history of warfare, individual commanders have dominated the battlefield and in so doing decided the fate of nations. From the warlords of the ancient world through to the architects of the blitzkrieg warfare of World War II and beyond, these great captains have adopted revolutionary technology, battlefield tactics, training methods or simply inspired their troops through their leadership skills to carry out their plans and win victory. So it was inevitable that Osprey would ultimately have to create a new series to do justice to the most famous generals of history!

COMMAND, our new series, promises to do exactly that, with each book taking you through the career of a particular commander, describing his background, military training and battlefield experiences.

The series will cover the most famous generals of history from the classical figures of Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great through to the modern titans such as Patton and Rommel.

Unfortunately you\'ll have to wait until 2010 to get your hands on a copy of any of the COMMAND books but more details will follow later...