Last Saturday Ian Gardner and Roger Day, the authors of Tonight We Die as Men held a signing for their new book in the White Horse bookshop in Marlborough.

The day was a great success, with people queuing up to have a quick chat with the authors and get their copy of the book signed. In addition to this, a group of re-enactors also appeared on the scene, kitted up in all of their gear.

All of this created a great atmosphere - and we have some pictures to prove it!

Book signing C Freeman

Book signing window 2

Book signing Re-enactors

Book signing Robert Stroud

Book signing Ian Rog 2

Book signing Queue

Book signing Bruce 1st Book sold

Book signing Ian Rog

Ian and Roger are due to head off to the US in a week or so, where they will be doing a small book tour, with book signings, Q and A sessions etc in a number of venues across the country. As soon as we have a finalized itinerary I will post up the details here, so that all of our readers from across the pond will have the chance to join in too!