I know I am over a month late with this blog - but I have a great excuse. This is our first major batch of reprints to be done as 'short-run' or print on demand quantities. We have finally been able to get the print quality to the point that we are happy with the colour - particularly with regard to our colour artwork.

This will also mean that we can finally be able to reprint virtually all of our books - we only need quantities of around 50 copies to justify a reprint, which over time will mean a greater proportion of our list of books will be in print. And that the wait for an out of stock book will begin to drop!

So, the books back in stock now are:

Aircraft of the Aces 1 Mustang Aces of the Eighth Air Force

Aircraft of the Aces 26 Mustang and Thunderbolt Aces of the Pacific and CBI

Elite 14 The British Army in the 1980s

Elite 16 NATO Armies 1949-87

Men-at-Arms 103 Germany's Spanish Volunteers 1941-45

Men-at-Arms 164 The Canadian Army at War

Men-at-Arms 191 Henry VIII's Army

Men-at-Arms 197 The Royal Canadian Mounted Police 1873-1987

Men-at-Arms 199 Napoleon's Specialist Troops

Men-at-Arms 204 Wellington's Specialist Troops

Men-at-Arms 250 Argentine Forces in the Falklands

Men-at-Arms 308 Louis XV's Army (4)

Men-at-Arms 338 The Kings German Legion (1)

Combat Aircraft 17 Ju 88 Kampfgeschwader on the Western Front

Warrior 31 Union Infantryman 1861-65

Only available in the USA and Canada

Men-at-Arms 48 Wolfe's Army

Men-at-Arms 112 British Battledress 1937-61

Men-at-Arms 127 The Israeli Army in the Middle East Wars 1948-73

Men-at-Arms 212 Queen Victoria's Enemies (1)

Men-at-Arms 244 The French Army in the American War of Independence

Men-at-Arms 271 The Austrian Army 1740-80 (1)

Men-at-Arms 352 The United States Army 1783-1811

Combat Aircraft 32 B-25 Mitchell Units of the MTO

Men-at-Arms 25 The Royal Artillery

Men-at-Arms 52 The Royal Green Jackets

Available in the UK / Rest Of World (not in the USA and Canada)

Campaign 97 Bussaco 1810

Men-at-Arms 157 Flak Jackets

And thats it - quite a collection for all of you, but remember, these are from a short run printing, so numbers are strictly limited, make sure you don't miss out!

Another reprint update will be arriving in another 10 days or so - so keep an eye out for that, it will not be a month late this time I promise.