I recently received an email from my friends at W. Britain announcing the release of 2 new sets of figures based on Osprey artwork. There is a new set of figures modeled after Angus McBride\'s Zulu War artwork and a set of WWII paratroopers from Ron Volstad\'s World War II collection.

The three WWII one-piece sets are focused on D-Day:
a) U.S. Army Airborne Corporal, 327th Glider Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division;
b) US Army Airborne 1st Lt. 376th Parachute Field Artillery Btn, 82nd Airborne; and
c) German Military Police Unit, NCO Feldgenearmerie, Falschirmtruppen.

These join the ranks of a range of Osprey-art Zulus released by W. Britain last year. As always, Britain has done a fabulous job transforming the 2-D Osprey artwork into beautifully detailed, hand-painted 3-D figurines. Ian Knight, Osprey author and illustrator, helped with the art direction of the new Zulu line. In addition the World War II airborne figures are coming out just in time for release of our new "Band of Brothers" book, Tonight We Die As Men, about one of the forgotten  battalions at D-Day.

Look out for these figures and the new book, and let us know what you think!