One of the most regular comments that we receive from our online customers runs along the lines of "Why is this book out of print...and when are you going to reprint it?". Over the last couple of years we have been actively investigating ways that we can bring as many of our 1,500 books back into stock, from investigating short run printings to creating e-book versions of some of our titles.

But, all of this takes time, particularly with older titles that were published in the dark old days of publishing where everything was done on film instead of computers. Preparing each of these books for a reprint can take weeks, and with nearly 500 books out of stock, there is quite a big backlog.

So, in an effort to combat this, the web team have been 'given the OK' to run a series of experiments on the blog and website to see what books you would like us to reprint, and whether you will actually buy them once they have been reprinted.

Every month we will provide you with a list of possible books to choose from. If enough of you choose one of those titles we will have it added to a reprint batch. As soon as this book is reprinted we will let you know that it is available.

We only need to get 50 people to put themselves down for a book to get it onto a reprint batch - so if more than one of these books gets enough interest, we may even do more than 1 title every month!

If this system works, we will be able to expand it to more books every month - and we will be able to reprint more of the books. But, for this to work, we do need all the people voting to be sensible and honest - if 500 of you ask for a book to be reprinted and then only 50 actually buy the book, leaving us with a pile of unsold books, this system will be quite quickly canceled.

The list of books that we have chosen for the first series of votes is a little bit random - based on some popular titles as well as titles that have been out of stock for a long time. Going forward, lists will be more targeted, focusing on the books that appear in the most My Wishlist sections.

So, to vote for the book that you want, all you have to do is email us here - with the book title that you would like to reprint as the subject.

9781841763101        CAM 97 Bussaco 1810

9781855322639        CAM 17 Chickamauga 1863

9780850459975        MAA 235 The Army of Gustavus Aldolphus

9781846032578        MAA 444 Napoleon\'s Mounted Chasseurs of the Imperial Guard

9781855323902        NVG 13 Scorpion Reconnaissance Vehicle

9781855325371        NVG 19 Sturmgeschutz III Assault Gun

9781855327429        WAR 24 Austrian Grenadiers and Infantry

9781841766270        WAR 69 Darby\'s Rangers

9781855325722        ELI 63 German Mountain and Ski Troops

9781841760155        ELI 70 Elizabethan Sea Dogs

9781855328914        COM 13 Mosquito Photo Reconnaissance Units of World War 2

9781855324480        ACE 2 Bf 109 Aces of North Africa and the Mediterranean