Obviously everyone here at Shire is very proud of the books that we publish; but that doesn't mean that we don't need a bit of appreciation from outside the company now and again! Read on to see what the renowned antiques expert, and star of The Antiques Roadshow, Eric Knowles has to say about us.

"Without question the most important investment for any collector is their library and over the past few decades an endless stream of specialist books has been unleashed onto the market. Serious information usually comes at a significant cost, that is of course unless it comes courtesy of Shire books. These small volumes appear to have that uncanny knack of providing you with all you might need to know should it be about a Victorian sewing machine or the layout of a 1940's home. I personally must have 50 or more but be warned you can never have enough .-The good news is that when considering their cost they are probably a better investment than money in the bank. Crunch or no crunch"