This month we are trying something a little different here at Osprey as the foreign language editions of Field of Glory come out. In older Ospreys we used to feature translations of the plate sections in the back of the book and we often work with partners in different countries to bring out editions in their language but we have never actually produced them ourselves

But Slitherine the creators of Field of Glory have been very active in encouraging communities across Europe through supporting tournaments and the active forums on their own website and they gathered together groups of enthusiastic translators in France, Germany, Spain and Italy. After plenty of hard work and some debate over the difficulties of translating both the idiosyncrasies of English and the arcana of wargaming the results are finally here. Four hardback rulebooks, identical to the English original in quality, opening up the game to more gamers across Europe. We are very happy to bring these out. They are already available on our own site, on and and through a variety of outlets in Germany, France, Italy and Spain. If your local shop is not selling them ask them why not. And tell us as well!