The first quarter-finalists have been chosen. After a week of heavy voting, we can now reveal the results:

West Wind Miniatures (446) defeats Boot Hill Miniatures (283)
Rif Raf Miniatures (372) defeats Warlord Games (357)
Ebob Miniatures (460) defeats King Zombie (273)
Eureka Miniatures (395) defeats Offensive Miniatures (334).

Congratulations to all of those who advanced, and thanks to every one who participated.

This weeks grouping includes some of the most anticipated match-ups of the showdown:

Venexia vs. Pulp Figures
Scarab Miniatures vs. Bolt Action Miniatures
Brigade Games vs. Crusader Miniatures
Perry Miniatures vs. Empress Miniatures

Check out the Osprey Historical Miniatures Showdown page to check all the results and to vote on this week\'s match-ups.