The first week of the Osprey Historical Miniature Showdown is done! Hundreds of you voted and the results can now be revealed:

West Wind Productions (523) beat Khurasan Miniatures (193)
Eureka Miniatures (428) beat Galloping Major Miniatures (297)
Venexia (436) beat What The Miniatures?! (292)
Empress Miniatures (622) beat Immortal Miniatures (101)

Congratulations to the winners who now advance to round two to face their next challengers, and commiserations to the runners-up.

Voting has now opened on five more match-ups.

Just to clear up any confusion, Osprey Publishing invited all manufacturers of 28mm historical miniatures to participate in the Historical Miniature Showdown. The thirty companies that agreed to compete were then asked to select their favourite miniature, released in either 2008 or 2009, as their entry in the Showdown. Osprey would like to once again thank all the companies who entered the Showdown, and hopes that everyone will continue to view the competition in the spirit of fun in which it was conceived.