The first round of the Osprey Historical Miniature Showdown is over and the results of the last week of voting can be revealed.

Ebob Miniatures (404) defeats Askari Miniatures (225)
Offensive Miniatures (422) defeats Killer B Games (205)
Pulp Figures (423) defeats Brooks Miniatures (206)
Scarab Miniatures (367) defeats The Assault Group (273)
Bolt Action (478) defeats Magister Militium (153)
And King Zombie picked up 256 votes in support during its bye.

We have now opened up voting on the first half of Round two which will decide who goes on to the quarter finals!

As an added bonus, we are giving our voters a chance to win a copy of the Men-at-Arms: A Celebration. Remember you can vote once per day in the Showdown, but any additional votes will be discounted.

Take me to the Showdown!