This month I\'ve chosen the two maps that feature in Fortress 85 Scapa Flow: The defences of Britain\'s great fleet anchorage 1914-45. The book offers the reader a detailed understanding of the defensive preparation and construction of Britain\'s main fleet anchorage. Scapa Flow is located in the Orkney Islands off the northern coast of Scotland and was a strategically important natural harbour during WWI and WWII.

The maps provide insight into the comprehensive defensive networks during WWI and WWII and detail Booms, AA Batteries, Searchlights, Radar stations, Coastal Batteries, Blockships and Anti-submarine/torpedo boat nets around Scapa Flow and throughout the Orkneys Islands. All these static and non-static defences created the largest fortified naval base in the world. Having once dived in Scapa Flow I find the maps of interest and would certainly use the book as a guide if I was lucky enough to go there again.