Over the past year or so, we don't seem to be able to keep Osprey books off the television. First we spotted an Osprey book in a music video. Then an Osprey book appeared in cult comedy Peep Show. Just a couple of months ago our books were heavily featured in a More 4 news bulletin (also featuring my fellow blogger Richard).

The latest glitzy celebrity appearance for Osprey books saw a whole spinner worth of Osprey books featured in the BBC crime drama New Tricks. In fact, at one point a bunch of Osprey books are used as a prop by one of the actors being interrogated.

No we are not terribly happy about the implications being made about wargamers who game the ancient period... and I wouldn't want to spoil the episode for you, but needless to say the allegations made are... baseless...

You can watch the whole episode of New Tricks on the BBC iplayer here- and if you want to skip through to the bit where Osprey books make their cameo appearance then you will need to watch it about 30 minutes in.

On a related note, we are all convinced that the shop they use as a set is a real shop - and it looks awesome, but we can't work out which shop it is. So, the first person to find out exactly where this shop is, and email me with all the details, will win 5 Osprey books of their choice!