We tried to resist it for as long as we could - but in the end we just had to give in...and the addiction has already started! That's right, Osprey have plunged themselves headfirst into the world of Twitter.

Our user name is OspreyBooks, why not visit us here for all of the latest, breaking news from the office - more or less as it happens! You can also find out what we are arguing about in the office - this morning it is the age old question of what is more effective - elephants or horses. Joe is behind elephants. I am supporting horses.

Of course our Twitter site is the latest addition to our online activities - we also have a Facebook page where you can keep up-to-date with all sorts of information - like what events we are attending and any special offers that we are running. We also have a page on youtube, which we are hoping to update this year with some fantastic author interviews.

Tweet tweet, See you all online soon!