On February 20-21 the Osprey New York office, together with our intrepid freelancer, Larry Weindorf, schlepped up to White Plains New York for WRAM, the annual aero modeling swap-meet and contest. Unlike other aviation events where the focus is firmly on vintage WWII aircraft and/or modern military demonstration teams, this show brings out a large number of WWI and golden era enthusiasts.

This surprised us last year, but we soon found out that in nearby Rhinebeck is the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, a hotbed for “early” aviation, especially WWI vintage planes. Despite our forewarning this year about the interest in WWI at WRAM, we still managed to sell-out of our WWI inventory! Attached are photos of the as-usual phenomenal hand-made models from this year\'s contest. Enjoy! www.oldrhinebeck.org www.wram.org

IMAGE_099 f7f tigercat us marines wram

IMAGE_097 nieuport 17 wram

IMAGE_098 bristol f2b wram