Last weekend, I had the honor of representing Osprey at my first ever wargaming convention - Cold Wars in Lancaster, PA. After a bit of a mishap finding the Lancaster Host Resort (which should have been quite easy, as it is enormous!), I stumbled into what I believe must have been a miniature army paradise... and an Osprey employee/history enthusiast's heaven.

While there, I got to watch a few Field of Glory games in action. Although I've read the rules, I've never been able to make much sense of them, as I'm not a wargamer myself. But watching the game in action was amazing. Below are a few photos of the games:

Field of Glory game in action

FoG army on the attack 2

Now that I've seen it all played out, I have decided on behalf of all three of us in the Osprey NY office that we need to learn ourselves.  Not that I have enough clout to demand it of my boss and my coworker, but that won't stop me from trying... and they seem to have warmed up to the idea.

Looking forward to Historicon!